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Wedding Flowers

Even the lushest landscapes would benefit from the addition of flowers to provide an energetic panorama of brightness to any wedding and lend an air of excitement to each location or event. While it is nearly impossible to overdo floral arrangements in large venues one has to be careful to consider available space and visibility in smaller settings. Floral sprays that block a view of the bridal ceremony from family and friends should be scaled to a reasonable size.

Most couples coordinate the color and design of the bridal bouquet with the bridesmaids bouquets whether by flower type or even by using contrasting colors. Wrist corsages can prove a convenient choice leaving hands free to perform other tasks if the corsages are kept to a moderate size. When carrying a bouquet or attaching corsages to one’s wrist is too awkward, one could consider utilizing a lei. In the appropriate season with the right style dress, they are beautiful and convenient. A lovely and smart way to use flowers is to insert or weave them into the bridesmaids’ hair. This will obviously require advanced thought and coordination but it could easily be incorporated the morning preparations with your bridal party.

Men’s boutonnieres should be consistent among the groomsmen. Obviously, they will match in color and size, but attention should be paid to consistently orienting them. The bride may want to delegate one of her bridesmaids or a mother to make sure these are installed on the same lapel and same angle on each of the groomsmen. The oddly placed boutonniere draws eyes away from the perfection you are seeking to create.

To accent the natural beauty of the outdoor weddings, floral decorations can be placed along the processional aisle on the last chair or end of the pew. To conserve your flower budget, this could be limited to the front two or three rows. Outdoor weddings are often held beneath an arch or pergola. If there is a wedding bower at your venue, flowers will lend a colorful silhouette to the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. Check with your selected local florist to find out what types of seasonal flowers may be available in your area. Spring and summer wild flowers are often very affordable and offer a full palate of bright colors.

In selecting floral table decorations for your wedding, keep in mind that guests will want to socialize across the tables and be able to view other important events like the wedding toast, cake cutting, or the first dance. Also, there must still be ample room for food service and those pesky wrist corsages.



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