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RKA Summer Home Renovations

Written by : Posted on June 29, 2016 : No Comments
RKA Construction Poconos PA

RKA Construction Poconos PA

Tired of watching all the great houses on HGTV and feeling like your own home could use an upgrade? If you’re still stuck with pink and black tile in the bathroom, it just might be time for a renovation. You can keep repainting the kitchen but when the shelves start to sag and the doors are starting to warp, it just might be time for a new kitchen. If you have a growing family and need more room, don’t move. RKA Construction can build additions for the additions to your family. When the kids finally move out and you want a workout room of your own, call RKA Construction to create the perfect space to burn the calories you just consumed in your brand new kitchen.


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