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Turning Little Guys into Big Guys with 1st Small Biz Web

!stSeo logoMessage matters, so 1stSmallBizWeb,  uses Expresswrite,,  for its copywriting and web content needs. 1stSmallBiz Web is expert in the web development and optimization business and getting web sites to rank at or near the top in an extremely competitive market requires superior content that is crafted to attract and motivate potential customers. Expresswrite specializes in writing with specific intent and has proven its versatility with projects for a wide variety of businesses around the country.

1stSmallBizWeb searched for a partner with the skills to provide compelling copy that would incorporate essential keywords for search engine optimization purposes yet retain its readability and coherence. Working with ExpressWrite utilizes the strengths of both companies to provide more comprehensive and effective marketing tools for its clients’ websites. This combination has helped sites move quickly rank in the top three in vital keyword search categories in extremely short time periods. Better positioning leads to greater credibility, more calls and better conversion rates for those business clients.

A website is often the first point of contact with potential customers. About 80% of customers begin their search for products and services by going online and using Google. On average they will visit a site three times before making a purchase or contacting the company but it is important to remember that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. If content is poor, the customer may never return for that second or third look because every Google search displays thousands to millions of results. Customers have lots of choices and little time to waste trying to dig through unclear content. The decision to either read more or click away is made quickly, usually within three seconds.

Text that captures the browser’s attention and invites him or her to explore further into the site is an essential ingredient to business success on the web. 1stSmallBizWeb and ExpressWrite have now combined their skills to provide their clients the best web site development and search optimization available.




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