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Sea Glass Jewelry of Florida Sparkles With ExpressWrite

SeaGlassFLSea Glass Jewelry of Florida recently established an ongoing relationship with Expresswrite for their web development and marketing. We are working to enhance the company’s online presence in the lucrative high end sea glass jewelry market through offering enticing product descriptions to potential customers.

Sea Glass Jewelry started as a one man operation. The owner made beautiful earrings out of sea glass as a hobby but soon discovered his jewelry was popular beyond his immediate circle of friends and acquaintances. As the artisan continued to refine his techniques, winding silver and gold fittings to the irregular surfaces of sea glass, orders for more pieces kept arriving. With the launch of the new website, Sea Glass Jewelry of Florida is aiming for nationwide marketing and distribution.

Their earrings are crafted from both found natural sea glass and a selection of higher quality man-made sea glass which offers the beauty of natural sea glass at a more modest price. SGF chooses from large glass samples unlike than the more common small glass pieces found in beachfront shops. The settings, windings, and hoops are made with Sterling Silver or 14 Karat Gold. No two pairs of earrings are exactly alike so matching a pair is difficult although man-made sea glass is a bit more consistent and easier to match in size and shape.

Expresswrite has been crafting product descriptions that capture the unique features and character of these earrings to differentiate them from cheap competitors. To view examples of our work visit the Sea Glass of Florida website at






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