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RKA Construction Builds Decks

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RKA Construction Poconos PA

RKA Construction Poconos PA

It’s summer and you need a place to gather outside with friends and family. You’ve been cooped up all winter, now is your chance to celebrate in the great outdoors with cookouts or just a place to strum your guitar. RKA Construction builds beautiful and sturdy decks of all shapes and sizes using premium quality materials. Choose composite, redwood, or treated wood. All can be crafted into an attractive and functional addition to your home by the experienced hands at RKA Construction. If you have an old deck that is starting to fall apart, call the contractors at RKA Construction for a free estimate on repairing, replacing, or even expanding. Live a little. Think outside the box and get outside the box with a new deck from RKA Construction. Finds ExpressWrite

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RKA Construction Roof Replacement

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RKA Construction Poconos PA

RKA Construction Poconos PA

When you want quality roofing work done fast at an affordable price, call RKA Construction. Roofs don’t last forever, and winter is especially hard on an aging roof. Summer is a good time to replace an old roof before the fall rains and winter winds start whipping through the trees. If you see loose shingles or pieces of shingles around the house, call RKA construction for a free estimate. Choose from a variety of colors and styles that complement the beauty of your home. RKA guarantees their work so you be confident your roof will last for years and years.

RKA Summer Home Renovations

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RKA Construction Poconos PA

RKA Construction Poconos PA

Tired of watching all the great houses on HGTV and feeling like your own home could use an upgrade? If you’re still stuck with pink and black tile in the bathroom, it just might be time for a renovation. You can keep repainting the kitchen but when the shelves start to sag and the doors are starting to warp, it just might be time for a new kitchen. If you have a growing family and need more room, don’t move. RKA Construction can build additions for the additions to your family. When the kids finally move out and you want a workout room of your own, call RKA Construction to create the perfect space to burn the calories you just consumed in your brand new kitchen.

Web Builder Kits

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Website builderIf you bought a house would you expect the contractor to dump a pile of lumber in your yard and drive away? Well, that’s what you get with the cheap DIY websites. You can spend weeks, months, or even years trying to get your site built so it looks good and attracts customers or you can just go ahead and buy a pre-built site from us.

Our websites come with all the pages and forms you need for a professional look. And our sites include built-in SEO. “If you build it, they will come” only worked in a movie but, in real life, you need to give people directions or they will never find you.

Need only a one or two-page site? We got that. Want an e-commerce site where you can easily add or change products? Yup, got that. Do you own a restaurant and need a calendar, reservations, and coupons? Got it covered. Want to add video? No problem.

Check out some of our designs on this link. We’re ready to go when you are.

Website Upkeep

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Fixed up siteYour website needs regular maintenance no matter how few pages or how simple you think it is. Adding content will help to increase or at least maintain your Google ranking.

Website Maintenance

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Shack websiteDoes your website needs updating? If you haven’t added fresh content recently this is what Google sees when it indexes your site. Your website is a valuable property IF you take care of it. It’s spring already! How about some fresh paint?

A website can be a gold mine or a salt mine. Google and your customers look for fresh content. If you already have a job, and I assume you do because that’s why you have a website, contact Expresswrite and we’ll take care of it for you. Owning a website is like being a landlord and most don’t have time to maintain their properties so they hire out the work. That’s what we do. So, get out your checkbook and get ready to cross this chore off your to-do list.

Spring Bridal Video Season

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Legacy siteSpring bridal video season is here and they are blooming all over! Expresswrite teamed with our partners at Hunter Graphics and 1stSEO to perform a website design upgrade and boost the SEO rankings for Legacy Wedding Video. The new site showcases the professionalism and high quality of Legacy’s work and the care they put into every wedding video production. The Search Engine Optimization is already improving Legacy’s rankings in the areas it serves.

World Green Energy Site Turbo Launch

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WGE siteExpresswrite teamed once again with our partners 1st Small Biz Web and Hunter Graphics to launch a new full-featured website for in only two days! This attractive, multi-page site has clear and easy to use navigation and built-in SEO. We designed it to promote the World Energy Symposium in Washington, DC. The easy-to-use site comes with Google maps, calendars, galleries, social media and contact forms. The user never has to worry about updates or back end maintenance with sites on our unique network system. Take a look! Wow!


A New Concept in Websites

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Expresswrite has begun the rollout of a new concept in website design and hosting in conjunction with 1stSmallBiz and Hunter Graphics. These sites are pre-built and hosted on a network so all the updates are done by us, so they are maintenance free and easy to use. They are perfect for the business that wants a professional looking site without the added job of learning how to code or work with a website building program.